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We dream of a world where we all spend less time on our phones
and more with the people we love, doing the things we love.

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The average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email, instead of … working

Source: International Data Corporation (IDC); McKinsey Global Institute analysis (2012)

Up to 62% of women (and 48% of men) have checked their phone … during sex!

Source: C. Price, How to break up with your phone, 2018

Unpluggo® helps you to turn off your phone and turn on your mind.

Led by digital wellbeing specialists, our interactive workshops teach participants effective techniques to be in control of – and not controlled by – technology.

The unpluggo® experiences invite participants to not only learn how to use digital tools more efficiently but also reconsider how technology (or the absence of technology) best serves their goals and interests.

Stimulating, engaging and thought-provoking, our workshops offer an excellent platform for both team-building and self-reflection.

We provide a memorable starting point for making meaningful, long-term changes.


Digital wellbeing is a journey

Book a digital wellbeing workshop or program for yourself, your family or your team.
A one-shot or a long-term program.


Half-day workshop

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5 workshops over 3 months

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CHF 480.-

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3-day survival camp
in the Swiss Alps

650 CHF

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Still not sure?

Reduce the time you spend online by increasing the time you spend on activities that matter to you. Learn new techniques to break away from digital habits, and enjoy life in ways that you might never have imagined.

The unplugMASTER workshop and the unplugHERO survival camp are perfect for you.

Are your team members checking social media and scrolling on their phone during working hours? In today’s world, the answer is probably “yes”. It’s time to take action. Our workshops will provide you with strategies to strengthen relationships within your team while preventing distraction, stress and burnout.

The unplugWIZARD programme is perfect for you and your team.

The iGen, born after the year 2000 with a phone in their hands, are now entering the job market. They are incredibly skilled at multitasking, conducting online research and serving as your company’s digital ambassador. But do they have the skills to concentrate, focus and work effectively? Join our workshops to learn how to best tap the talent of your youngest employees.

The unplugMASTER workshop is perfect for you.

Dear iGen: how much time do you spend daily on your smartphone, checking, clicking, scrolling and liking? And how often do you wish you were doing something else instead? The digital world can feel irresistible, but we are here to give you the tools to resist.

The unplugWIZARD programme and the unplugHERO survival camp are perfect for you. 

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meet Mario

I’m not preaching.
I went through it all myself.

For over a decade, I worked in marketing, PR, advertising and lobbying. I regularly used social media to gather huge amounts of data on the “engagement” of target audiences in order to re-target them with intrusive messages.

I was basically pushing people into more likes, more sharing, more scrolling. Into spending more time and energy on their phone. All to sell more products and services.

At home, scrolling endlessly through my own Instagram and Facebook feeds, I slowly started to realise: Hold on a second. I’m being pushed to spend time here, the same way I push other people. Most importantly, scrolling and liking and sharing are taking a lot of my time. Time I used to spend with the people I love, doing the things I love the most.

The wake-up call was when my son Luca was born. It’s impressive how the “net” discovers that you’ve become a father and bombards you with all kinds of baby products, ads and suggestions.

Too much was too much.

I cancelled my Twitter account, deleted my Facebook profile, shut down my Instagram and took control of my smartphone notifications, emails and instant messages. With more time on my hands, I read stacks of books and new research on the negative (freaking scary!) effects of smartphones and the internet in general on our brainpower and mental health.

Every day I used my phone less. And every day I started to feel calmer, to enjoy every single moment more, more in control of my thoughts, more … like a human being.

Mario is the founder of Unpluggo®, digital liberator, trainer and keynote speaker.

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We dream of a world where we all spend less time on our phones and more with the people we love, doing the things we love.

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